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Healing charges

INR 500 (30 minutes )

Distance Healing   :  INR 6,500/- for 21 days

Healing In Person :  INR 750/- per session ( 45 minutes to 1 Hour by Prior Appointment)


Chakra Healing      : INR 7,500 for 21 days ( distance healing including 7 in person sessions)

Sound Healing       :   INR 1,800/- Per Session ( 45 minutes)

                                     INR 5,000 /- for 7 sessions

                                      INR 10,000 / - for 15 sessions


Theta Healing         :  INR 3500 /- per session ( 45 mints to 1 hour)

Access Bars             : INR 2500 / - per session ( 1 hour) 

Past Life regression / Hypnotherapy : INR 4,000 /- per session

Meditation personal sessions :

INR  700/- ( 40 minutes guided meditation, one-on-one sessions)

INR 15,000 / - monthly ( 5 days a week  40 minutes)

Customized meditation sessions and counselling is done through online mediums                         

Distance Energy Healing (with Reiki Healing, Crystals & Grids, Theta healing and Angels intervention) 

All healing are taken up only after discussing cases and taken up only when healing is feasible.

Prolonged healing is done together for all, once a day through a crystal grid.  

The healing may involve :-

A consent form will be filled up prior to all healing.

Healing will be commenced only when receiver confirms having read forgiveness prayers and agrees to follow practices and changes as suggested for the healing. In case of emergencies and receiver not able to read forgiveness Prayers, family members may be asked to read out the same to the receiver.

Photograph and full name have to be shared for distance healing. This will be used in affirmations for healing which will be shared with the receiver.

Receiver will also be made to do requisite affirmations, prayers, energy healing practices, spiritual practices, mantras, listening to soundtracks  or self-healing meditation on a daily basis.

Some other actions, lifestyle changes, mental pattern modifications may also be suggested.

·       In person consultation may be availed with prior appointment via phone call or Whatsapp for healing, meditation, subconscious re-programming, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Dowsing, Chakra Healing, Reiki Healing and EFT

Healing is not an easy process, lot of factors such as time, energy, focus, concentration and most importantly divine intervention are necessary tools for good results.

Each person must be responsible or their own healing. There are many factors which effect the healing process.

Commitment to change yourself and invest in your own health

Receptivity is most important to take the benefit of healing enery. If you are not receptive, no matter how much work is done on you, you will not get better

Trust the process and the practitioner

Be attentive to notice what all changes are occurring in your physical, mental and energetic field

Patience is most important in healing. Depending on your receptive powers, you would take your own time to heal. Sometimes it can be instant and other cases it can take few months. Trust the process.

Forgiveness prayer

May all emotions stored within me of a lower vibration be released and transmuted for highest and best good

May all emotions of fear anxiety and pain be released and replaced with compassion loving kindness and forgiveness

May clarity replace darkness and light protect me from fear

I call on my higher self-guides and angels to help me clear my energy of anger and fear so that I may bask in the white light of forgiveness and peace

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