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Angel Healing in Delhi

Angels Therapy

An angel is a pure spirit, a messenger of God. We are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist us in every area of our life but due to the ‘Law of free will’ the angels cannot intervene in our lives without our request. The angels vibrate at a higher vibration of energy than we do, so we need to raise our energy to resonate with the higher frequencies of divine love in heaven and the Angelic Realm. If we learn to raise our personal vibration to resonate with the angels then we can experience healing in all of our relationships, career, and health needs. Angel healing is a unique healing method that involves working with an individual’s angels, guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of our life.

Our angels are always with us, guiding and protecting us. In this world anyone can learn how to call upon or invoke angels and archangels into their life for divine guidance. We are free to call upon not only one Archangel but many at one time to bring blessings and protection. To invoke blessings of angels in our life – all we need to do is ask!

Learn Angels Healing & Connection Workshop

  • Introduction to Angels and Archangels

  • How to call upon Angels and seek their help

  • Recognizing the SIGNS from the Angels

  • Communicate with Angels

  • Angelic shielding and Psychic Protection

  • Crystals related to individual Archangels

  • Angel Meditations for a Happy and Abundant life

  • Etheric Cord Cutting

  • Learn to Give Angel Card Reading

  •  5 hours workshop 

  • In-person | Online

  • 5000 INR

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