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Crystal Healing

Crystals Healing is an ancient technique used by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians, Native Americans since as old as over 5000 years, and now practiced by the new age practitioners around the world. Crystals are the formation of minerals and overtime build up in a certain way that it creates energy fields within and around the crystal. These crystals work like a magnet to either attract or reverse the energy. 

The crystals have extremely high vibrations that raises consciousness, works on chakras, helps in all parts of your life, removes negativity, attract love and abundance; balance energies, protection from negative forces and you name it. Crystals have very high healing properties for all your health ailments. Not all crystals are made from the same elements, so different crystals are good for different things.
When you give intention to a crystal before placing or wearing them they work with their full potential. The intention is sending your mental energy to a particular crystal to work on your objective. The more you use them the more powerful they become.

How to cleanse crystals

There are many ways to cleanse the crystal when you buy a new crystal or want to clean them after use. You can clean the crystals with all four elements and sometimes as per the crystal properties. Crystals are the natural formation of minerals, so connecting them back to nature will cleanse and energize them. Overtime time people develop their comfort with cleansing style.

Sun energy – This is the most commonly used method to cleanse your crystal. Put your crystals in a glass bowl, add water to soak them and add some sea salt. Now put them out in sunlight with the intention to cleanse them. Pick them back after few hours and clean them in running water and dry with a clean cloth.

Moon Energy – This is a very widely used method for crystals with moon energy to cleanse and energise them. This method is also used for other crystals as well for energizing them on Full moon and no moon night. Keep the crystals in a bowl, add water and salt, and put them outside in moon light and them back in the house before the sunrise. You can just keep it out for a few hours if you can’t wakeup before sunrise.

Air energy – Smoke is used for cleansing the crystals, you can burn an incense stick, dhoop, white sage, lobhan or any form of sacred smoke and just roll over your crystals in the smoke and keep holding them for atleast 2-3 minutes each, until you feel they are completely cleansed. Remember holding the intention of cleaning is utmost important.

Earth Energy – Many crystals don’t need Sun or Moon energy or they are just too sensitive to be exposed to such lights. You can just burry the crystals in sand, mud or a plant pot. Take them out after a few hours and you would actually feel the crystals are more energized and refreshed.

Water Energy – Crystals can be cleansed and energized with water alone but it has to be natural water. So next time when you are on a holiday, stop by under a waterfall and hold your crystals under the running water, or in a sea water, river, lake or any kind of natural water body. Be careful of not losing your crystals in water.

Sound Energy – You can use a singing bowl or bell around your crystals to cleanse them. Do play your singing bowl for atleast 10 minutes per crystal.

How to program your crystal or give intention

Its important to program your new crystal for it work 100% for your intention. Keeping a crystal without intention might not work full potential for you. So make sure you keep attuning with your crystals and giving it intention every now and then. Once you program a crystal, it won’t forget it ever, while you may forget but your crystal will continue to work on your intention. More you use your crystal, more powerful it becomes.

  • Hold the crystal in your hand

  • Look at it carefully and connect with the crystal

  • Concentrate on what you want your crystal to do

  • Visualize it as you take deep breaths

  • As you exhale, see the intention going deep down in crystal

How to Use Crystals

How to Use Crystals
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