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Past Life Regression


If you face troubles in your relationship, if you have any chronic health issue, if you feel depressed without any logical reason, and many more. Then you must be carrying it from your past life. We have lived many times before and our souls have incarnated and experienced many life times. The memories of our lives are stored at our soul level or sub-conscious mind. These memories can’t be recalled at the conscious level or active mind. Past life Regression Therapy is a technique to re-experiencing your past lives and find solutions to your current problems.


What is Past Life Regression?

In Past Life Regression you are guided into a light hypnosis (or deep relaxation) and led through this life into ones that have relevance to your current issue or question and you see the life for yourself. The therapist serve as a guide but you actually see your own experience.

Past life regression therapy, is based upon the premise that we are eternal beings who carry forward the experiences and lessons learned from one human lifetime to another.


Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation.


It is a wonderful therapy which works on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy fields. It is said that once the problem in uprooted from your sub-conscious it ceases to disturb you ever after. Past life regression works on deep roots of problems and solve it for rest of your life. It starts with deep relaxation of your body and mind and then the regressed slowly guide you to your own sub-conscious mind and memories. It’s a safe process as you will always be fully aware of your surroundings while deep in your previous birth memories. It’s that simple!


Many times people are born with depressions or chronic pains in any part of their bodies, there are chances that this kind of emotional and physical illness is carried from the past life. It is one therapy which dwells in your past to make your future better. Sometimes people don’t prosper in their business/ job or don’t have enough money, it could be due to the past thoughts or vows of poverty one would have taken in the previous lives.


Benefits of Past Life Regression

  • Understand and remove the cause of fear

  • Helps you understand you life purpose

  • Getting rid of curses that have impact on your life now

  • Quitting any kind of addiction including additive relationships

  • Healing and clearing traumas of past life

  • Harmonizing relationships

  • Healing chronic health issues

  • Understand and improve your current behavior patterns


Why Past Life Regression?

Some of the significant areas in which past life therapy has traditionally been used are: 

• Troubling behavior and attitude patterns that have persisted over time, despite attempts to change
• Relationship dynamics that seem to have a life of their own (intense attraction/aversion to another person, deep-seated issues that defy resolution)
• Phobias – intense fears, such as fear of heights or fear of water, that seem unconnected to an experience in the current life
• Some chronic physical ailments, sensations and pains
• Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem to persist throughout your life

There are some newer areas in which past life therapy is being applied as well, that are quite exciting and rewarding. Rather than going after traumatic or troubling memories, they focus on positive experiences.

These areas include: 
• Accessing strengths and accomplishments from prior lifetimes that can be brought forward to increase confidence and effectiveness in the present
• Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; this can bring a sense of balance and peace when undergoing difficult times, fortifying us to work through our temporary difficulties
• Clarifying direction and life purpose by viewing one’s blueprint for this lifetime
• Finding prior lifetimes shared with current loved ones, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are indeed never parted from those we love
• Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance that is available from the "inter life," (spiritual realms between lifetimes) where our higher mind and/or guiding ones can assess our progress and give direction to us for our current lifetimes.

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