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How to cleanse negative energy

Do you ever feel restless, irritated, or uncomfortable in your home, office, or in any other space? You may be tapping into stagnant, blocked or negative energy. Energetic residue from other people, even when not unintentionally negative, can have an adverse affect on your energy and vibrations. Clearing spaces is helpful in response to a variety of situations. It is especially useful if you’ve just moved into a new home, staying in a hotel, you’re recovering from an illness, if you are currently feeling poorly, or you’re getting over a relationship break up.

Energy clearing is a great way to release the past, and what has been, to make way for fresh and positive energy to flow into your space, and into your life.

Just like how energy in your body can get stuck, energy in your home can too. Both positive and negative energies enter your home regularly. Sometimes you bring energy home with you, sometimes it comes from other sources, like guests, weather, microwaves, lack of sunlight, clutter, ley lines, or other electrical currents. Regardless of how the dense energy entered and got stuck, it’s a good idea to regularly cleanse your home to restore balance and harmony.

Energy clearing is an easy way to improve your own energy and your life. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of being in bed all day with a cold. Once you get up and shower, even though you might still be sick, you feel so much better. In this case, the water acted as a cleansing power and washed away stuck and stagnant energy that accumulated from being sick.

How to cleanse? While there are many ways to clear negative energy from your home, office body and mind. Here are few of my favorites.

Fragrance – light incense sticks, essential oils, or dhup in the house regularly

Music- Play nice music around you, it always helps in lifting up energies. Tibetan signing bowls can be played, a gentle chanting of OM will create positive vibration in your house.

White light dose – never forget to ask your angels to fill your house, your body and mind with white light at any time. Angels have no limitations; all they need is your permission to help you. Ask your angels to cover you with their healing positive white light at any time you feel low. It works instantly!

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