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How to raise your vibrations

To be able to work on raising vibration, its important to understand what is raising vibration or for that matter what is vibration. Vibration frequency is a subtle energy around you, which also called the energy body. when you are sad or disappointed your vibration is low and when you are happy and full of life, your vibration is high.

now, how to raise your vibration. There are many ways to raise your vibration frequency.

  1. Sound healing – you can use any singing bowl, take a proper sound healing therapy or just play a nice music around you. any kind of pleasant music will always have a positive effect on your vibration and will lead in raising them.

  2. Reiki healing – if you know reiki or any kind of energy healing, you must practice that on yourself to raise your vibration

  3. Crystal – Crystal can help in raising vibrations. They have their own high vibration and when used properly they can channel their positive energy to nay person or area.

  4. Meditation – Meditation is the most effective way or raising your energy. you can use the techniques of grounding, working with angels or just simply breathing exercise. they all will help in shifting your mood and raising the energy . Grounding meditation

  5. Nature – Spending time in open air, close to water bodies and trees can automatically raise your vibration. It is said that when you go in nature, you align your energy with true self.

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