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Never Worry That You’re Bothering the Angels

You can’t bother angels or call upon them too much, because angels are pure energy of Divine Love. The word angel means “Messenger of God,” and our Creator made angels to help us to hear the messages that God is sending to us all. God’s angels are omnipresent, which means unlimited. They don’t have human bodies, so they can never get tired. Angels do not have egos, just like God doesn’t have an ego. So, angels will never judge, complain, or try to choose between people. God’s angels – just like God – are tireless. Energy never gets tired, especially the energy of God. Angels are with us humans to enact God’s will of peace. The angels will help you with whatever will bring you true peace (not just temporary peace). Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God.” Just like God, Archangel Michael has no ego, and he has 100% energy. He’s tireless and unlimited. Archangel Michael can help everyone who calls upon him simultaneously, because energy is multi-dimensional and holographic. Never worry that you’re bothering the angels or archangels by calling upon them. The angels and archangels wish that we would call upon them MORE. Whenever you need help, ask God for help, and angels will be sent to your side. Some people or fear-based religions say that we shouldn’t call upon angels too much, or we will tire them out. That is a projection of the human ego upon God and the angels, which is a fallacy. How could God or God’s angels get tired? It’s impossible for our Creator to tire, as God’s energy is limitless. Any angel that gets tired is not a true angel of God. Angels who get “tired” aren’t God’s true angels. We don’t worship angels, nor do we pray to angels or deify them. We simply recognize that angels are gifts to us from our Creator God Source. And just like we want others to enjoy the gifts that we give to them, so too does God wish for us to connect with the angels “messengers of God.”

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