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Our Workshops

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  • Introduction to Angels and Archangels

  • How to call upon Angels and seek their help

  • Recognizing the SIGNS from the Angels

  • Communicate with the Angels

  • Angelic shielding and Psychic Protection

  • Crystals related to individual Archangels

  • Angel Meditations for a Happy and Abundant life

  • Etheric Cord Cutting

  • Learn to Give Angel Card Reading

Angels Connection & Healing Workshop Course details

online - 5 days ( 1hr each day)

In-person - 5 hours ( one day)

Fee Online 3500

In Person - 4000


  • Essentials for calling Angels

  • Atlantis theory and meditation

  • Mediumship

  • Automatic Writing

  • Removing psychic attacks

  • Methods of shielding with angels

  • Methods of Detoxification

  • Healing financial concerns

  • Developing Clair’s

  • Healing oils and their use

  • Archangel rituals for abundance

  • Meditations to improve intuition

Advance Angels healing Workshop

In-person - 8 hours ( two days)

Fee - 6500


You have been collecting crystals but do you know how to use them and take 100% benefits from them. Crystals are miraculous if only you know how to connect with them other wise they are mere stone.

  • Introduction to Crystals

  • How to heal with crystals

  • How to select the right crystal for yourself

  • ​The ways to cleanse, charge and program

  • How to store crystals​

  • Common crystals and their properties

  • How to make crystal elixirs

  • Aura cleansing and meditation with crystals

  • Crystal for Heath, money, growth, protection and manifestation

  • How to make crystal grid for manifestation and much more

Crystal Healing Workshop

Online - 7 hours ( 6 days class)

In-person - 1 day

Fee - 3500

  • You must have heard of Chakras but wonder what are they and how they impact our lives. If so, this course is for you. By becoming more aware of your chakras and energy system you can heal your body, mind and relationships. In these 8 days live workshop you will learn

  • Introduction to chakra

  • Explore 7 major chakra

  • How chakra effect our daily lives and relationships

  • Beej mantras and affirmation

  • Details of each chakra

  • Know the yantra of each chakra

  • How to cleanse and activate chakra

  • Identify overactive and underactive chakra

  • Understand root cause of disease and healing each chakra

  • Diagnose chakra blockage

  • Work with crystals to heal chakra

  • Manifest with chakras

Chakra Healing

online - 5 days ( 1hr each day)

In-person - 5 hours ( one day)

Fee Online 3000

In Person - 3500

sound healing.jpg
  • Mind Detox - Releases Stress and restores harmony

  • Releases negative energy

  • Heals anxiety, depression and mood swings

  • Relief from insomnia, headache and migraine

  • Heals Joint and muscle pain

  • Reduces Hypertension

  • Heals Skin problems

  • Reduces panic attacks

  • Boosting your body's natural healing abilities

  • Clearing Stuck Emotions

  • Spiritual Development and Awakening

Sound Healing

In-person class - two days

Fee - 5000

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