Healing Miracles

Hear What They’re Saying


Surabhi Negi

Neha is my saviour is all I can say!! She is that angel in my life who I believe was sent to relieve me from all my pains, from which I was suffering throughout my life. I have always been a very emotionally weak person, which meant even a small unexpected change in the behaviour of the people around me would affect me to such an extent that I would just torture myself mentally & emotionally in finding the reason where I have gone wrong. I would blame myself for everything bad. This emotional turmoil took an ugly turn during the lock down last year, when I almost slipped into depression. That's when I contacted Neha and to my surprise I was completely happy person just after talking to her for about half an hour. My faith in her developed from there. Though my emotional fluctuations kept breaking me off and on & things became worst in February 2021 when I experienced the most severe depression and anxiety attack and I started feeling unhappy with no reason to live. Thankfully Neha was here in Delhi and she immediately met me. With the help of Theta healing, Neha made me realize the real issue and helped me in overcoming them. Even after going back to Bangalore, she continued with her healing sessions. Her online healing sessions, her affirmations and her soul fragmentation helped me in resolving my inner issues, which I was carrying from my past life. It's true that God sends their blessings in form of people to help his children and Neha has been that person in my life!! I am a completely different person with much more peace, happiness and most importantly self love within(which I guess was missing the most). May you keep spreading love and happiness around Neha !!