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Neha Mam is truly an angel sent for us. My story:
January 2022 I was in Bangalore and one day I was feeling very restless within. My money situation was a complete mess and I wasn't getting any direction to move forward. I was searching for a healing center near me & I bumped into Angels Miracle.
Neha mam is such a great listener, she heard me very patiently for close to an hour and did one healing session on me.
The moment I stepped out of her place and was trying to book my cab.. I received around 20k from my dad. It's very rare my dad would give me free money just like that.. especially after I have started to work.
It was just a miracle.. she definitely cleared something from my aura that helped me attract some free money.☺️

Then in February 2022, I got a new job and 100% hike on my salary. I am so thankful to mam, for giving me faith in healing and hope to move ahead in life. I will continue to take more sessions and I urge anyone who's reading this, to visit her once in your life.

Lots of love and light ❤️ to all of you!


I have no idea where to start as I never wrote a testimony for anyone. But I wanted the world know the power of THETA healing.
Initially I was very confused but my wife motivates me to meet Neha mam and I took a session of THETA healing. The very moment I started believing in Neha mam my anxiety, fears started reducing. When I met Neha mam for the first time I felt like the divine energy of this universe wanted me to meet her and get the pious THETA healing.
After first session, I felt many changes. I started feeling better gradually. Since I met Neha mam I started believing that miracles happens. I was suffering from anxiety since 2 years and took session from Neha mam and now I am the same person who I used to be before 2 years. In between 2 years I took many treatments ,medications but if i stop medicines it will again start. But after taking the sessions from Neha mam it’s completely cured now.
I was suffering from anxiety, fears and I was having multiple traumas. Initially I was not believing in all these things but I had taken a sound healing session in Noida previously and somehow I started believing in miracles and that become more steady and strong after meeting Neha mam. She is the rescuer for me . She rescued me from fears, anxiety. She is my Ikigai.
Neha mam is very calm, helpful ,polite and listen the problem with patience. She is full of humbleness , kindness , gratitude. Honestly, For me she is my elder sister from another mother.
Words are not enough to describe Neha mam.

Thanks Neha mam for filing happiness and hopes in my life.

Arunima, Australia

I came across Neha’s practice through a friend who had amazing things to say about her and recommended her to me. After months of being unsure about how to resolve some of the issues that were bothering me, I am very happy that I stumbled upon her since she really helped me turn my life around. Neha was very understanding, sharp, and methodical in her approach. Often drawing from her own experiences, she helped me understand and reflect on my journey and gave me the reassurance and strength that I needed to get back on my feet. I also deeply appreciate the spiritual and energetic dimension that she brings into the sessions.

The sessions created a significant shift in me in ways that I cannot quite explain. I felt happier and more at peace with myself and was better equipped to handle my issues. I experienced changes in my attitude and energy levels as we progressed with the sessions. ​I express my sincerest gratitude to Neha for helping me during this difficult time. Thank you so much for choosing to do what you do.
Jai Guru🙏

Carole, Australia

I was fortunate to hv 3 there healing sessions with Neha, during which I experienced much peace, reassurance, calm n joy. I had several personal issues all dealt with , cleared and resolved instantly. It was almost magical, instantaneous. I am a transcendental meditator, hence I am open to receiving, however I was awestruck by the immediate chge that I experienced in all of the issues. Neha, u are my earth Angel. With much love n gratitude always- Carole Kane.


I have no words to express the work and help that Neha is doing. This is a sure go to place when you are low with any emotional/personal issues or any stress you are battling with and need a helping hand. She is definitely an angel sent from above to bring the right healing for you and she herself is such a positive person who manages the healing session so well. I was into depression and had ceratin past traumas which were as well healed. My life changed just after one session. All blessings upon Neha for the wonderful work she is doing.

Marie, Japan

My inner self has changed a lot since I received healing from Neha. And I feel that the situation is starting to change to positive way. From an early age, I had sadness and anxiety in my heart. I couldn't find the way to heal them. In a session with her, I faced the trauma I received when I was young and let go. I feel very light now and have no anxiety. I also learned that the experience of rejection I received from my family and the people around me when I was young gave me important learning. I noticed the perspective of looking at the situation. Now that I know why I had that experience. Neha taught me that I can receive the learning based on love without being rejected by others. Through the session, I was able to get a lot of knowledge to live this life. I truly feel that I am creating this life. I was able to regain my inner power. I am sincerely grateful. Thank you so much Neha!!


I found Angels Miracle on Instagram. As the name suggests, it is no lesser than a miracle. Neha is a blessed soul and has been helping millions to heal and find their own answers in this lifetime. I approached Neha as I was keen to learn "Angels Reading and Therapy", I learned it under her guidance. Today, because of Neha I am able to connect and work with Angels and my life has changed for eternity. Not only that, just as a true teacher she knew my energy blocks and she suggested me to undergo for theta healing. I must say, after the healing, I'm completely a different person today. My beliefs, my relationships, my work, everything has shifted to a new energy level. I'm loving myself, my work like never before  and most importantly, I'm at peace today. 
The charges for healing are not expensive. You don't have to burn your pockets to transform yourself. I would highly recommend Angels Miracle to all those people who are looking to evolve in life. Thank you, Neha and all the best wishes for Angels Miracle.


Neha is my saviour is all I can say!! She is that angel in my life who I believe was sent to relieve me from all my pains, from which I was suffering throughout my life. I have always been a very emotionally weak person, which meant even a small unexpected change in the behaviour of the people around me would affect me to such an extent that I would just torture myself mentally & emotionally in finding the reason where I have gone wrong. I would blame myself for everything bad. This emotional turmoil took an ugly turn during the lock down last year, when I almost slipped into depression. That's when I contacted Neha and to my surprise I was completely happy person just after talking to her for about half an hour. My faith in her developed from there. Though my emotional fluctuations kept breaking me off and on & things became worst in February 2021 when I experienced the most severe depression and anxiety attack and I started feeling unhappy with no reason to live. Thankfully Neha was here in Delhi and she immediately met me. With the help of Theta healing, Neha made me realize the real issue and helped me in overcoming them. Even after going back to Bangalore, she continued with her healing sessions. Her online healing sessions, her affirmations and her soul fragmentation helped me in resolving my inner issues, which I was carrying from my past life. It's true that God sends their blessings in form of people to help his children and Neha has been that person in my life!! I am a completely different person with much more peace, happiness and most importantly self love within(which I guess was missing the most). May you keep spreading love and happiness around Neha !!


I don't know where to begin from... I had many traumas and I was suffering a lot from anxiety, and depression. I kept searching for healers online and found Angels Miracle. I was unsure about this and wanted to give it a try. But when I met Neha ma'am for the first time it felt like the universe wanted me to be there and get healed. In the very first session, I felt so much of changes in me. I was happier and all my traumas were as if completely removed from my head. I was at ease. I myself couldn't believe how can a single session be so powerful. After my sessions, I even got my siblings consulted and they too were healed. I don't believe in miracles. But after meeting Neha ma'am I believe miracles happen. Thank you so much Neha ma'am for changing my life. I will forever be grateful to you. (I am not a person who generally posts reviews online. This is the first time I am writing one. I just want the people who are traumatized and suffering to be shown a way and be healed from all their pain and sorrows. Because every being deserves to be happy)


Am writing this today to tell you a big big Thank You! I remember the days when me and my husband came to you with our issues, we were in such dark place. It feels like another lifetime now! You heard us out with so much compassion and you were being so non judgemental about our situation, it made us feel at home and helped us pour our truths out to you.

Each session of healing you did made our situation lighter. Now we are in a happy space which we never imagined we would ever be in! Our hearts are lighter, happy and joyous. We trust each other than we did before. All the healing you did has worked wonderfully for us, dear. Thank you so very much for being You and doing what you are doing. We both are immensely grateful to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

Loads of Love,

Hemant B

My life changed upside down after receiving healing from Neha! use to have a semi negative thought pattern towards everything from my business to people and my overall approach to life, with healing sessions with Neha, she changed my perspective and thinking process about people and life in general to positive, I am more at peace with myself. I understood from Neha the secrets of manifestation and now truly confident that I can create the life I want. My deep rooted regrets, fears were removed through Theta Healing in just few sessions, I realised how much these wrong believes were weighing me down and were big hindrance in success and peace of mind. I am more content with life and getting back to confidence into things I want to do. the healing sessions have done wonders for me, which I would have not even imagined to happen in years to come. Thank you so much Neha!

Anamika Dutta

I had learnt Angel healing before in 2016 but was not using it effectively. From January 2019 the Angels called me again and I truly believe this. I had this urge to take a refresher in Angel therapy and I got guided to Neha through Google. The moment I saw her picture I got this feeling that yes she is the one I should be learning from. I called her immediately and was touched by her kind compassionate nature. We spoke for almost 2 hours and it didn't feel to me that we were strangers. Attending her Angel workshop got me alive to the wonderful beings of light who shower unconditionally love and truly help the souls who trust them. I have been guided by them and seeing so many miracles just asking them for help. I am truly grateful to Neha and the Angels for choosing to teach me. Neha is a very wise soul, with her words of wisdom she is transforming me every day.I wish Neha a lot of success and will recommend everyone who are looking for transformation to learn from her. She is one of wise Angel healer I ever met so far, she also gives you more than what is designed in the course which is a true reflection of how generous she is. May God bless her abundantly and I truly wish her a lot of success


I met Neha by chance. I remember my first session with her, I was in such awe of the potency and efficiency with Neha and Theta Healing. Neha is amazingly intuitive and insightful and has laser focus when it comes to identifying and clearing self limiting beliefs. She helped me make huge strides in a major life overhaul at a critical juncture of my transition. I feel optimistic, encouraged, and strengthened after every session.

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me ‘Make a shift’ in my life! Thank you! I truly believe this is a Divine Gift!


When the student is ready, the teacher appears. It is by sudden stroke of luck that I came across Neha Ma'am. She is such a patient teacher who breaks the most complex subjects in a way that makes spirituality more approachable. A wonderful healer on whom I have full faith. There is a lot more to learn from her🧡🙏

It's been a month since I posted this review. And my learning and healing journey has just deepened with Neha Ma'am. She opened up avenues I never dreamt of. I am proud and grateful to have found her as a guide.
I have learnt theta healing and angel therapy from her.
Before you take My word, I ask you to take a session with her and experience the miracles yourself 🧡
The name of the business is very accurate- Angels Miracle because she is an angel who brings miracles to anyone who crosses paths with her

Aishwarya, Canada

Just wanted to send my gratitude to Neha⁩ mam and to theta healing for the new perspective and blessings in my life. Thank you Neha mam for conducting theta healing course and considering me as a student, thank you for sharing your knowledge on theta healing and your personal experience on following spiritual life (which was very much needed for me) and thank you for sharing the theta healing techniques. They have miraculously worked on me and my family.✨

Practising theta healing has not only helped me in healing but in manifesting too. I can see harmony and abundance flowing in my life. I see greater shifts in myself and in my relationships. Grateful to have found you and theta healing.💛

Would definitely recommend this to all to help oneself and others, to heal themselves and others and to understand the deeper meaning of life with a new perspective.✨

Rima Pandey

I am really happy to have an angel like Neha Mam in my life, She hold my hands and showed me the path of divinity, and the lines" Creator of all that is" changed my life within a fraction of a second. Now I have the magic of a creator who can do anything, Thankyou Neha Mam.


Feeling very blessed to have Neha as our guide, she is very knowledgeable yet down to earth person, she listen patiently & calm minded person. Her teaching is very truthfull. I m so blessed to be her student. She don't hesitate to answer for N number of questions. anyone wants to learn Angel Therapy she is the best teacher.

Mig, USA

Love love, love my healing sessions with Neha. Totally in peace after and weeks later. Amazing the baggage we carry over our lifetime that needs healing. These sessions allow the soul to heal which is the root of all healing- the soul..


First, I would like to thank the universe for connecting me to Neha...
I completed the basic Angel course and I should say that Neha is an excellent mentor and guide. Because of her teachings and guided meditations i was able to connect with my angels in easy way, was also able to see and feel them.
My heartiest gratitude to Neha for being their and helping me out in all possible ways. I am truly grateful and looking forward to learn more and more new learning’s from you.
Thanks a lot again😊


I'm Subhasini. I would like to thank Neha from bottom of my heart for such a wonderful session. Neha, my "Earth angel".. :) i learnt Angels healing and connection from her and she has wider and in-depth knowledge on many thigs. In the recent years some of them who take these kind sessions are so commercial and to my surprise Neha is the one who is not commercial at all!! Neha never denied to support me, it's been couple of weeks now and she responds for my every message patiently.

During the session, Neha recognized that i'm suffering with emotional pain due to one of the family members loss and she did some miracle to heal that pain and i'm completely out of it from then. Though it wasn't part of the session, she could do that for me out of her kindness. God bless Neha and family :) Love you neha!!


A fantastic experience!! Neha is so good at her work, she has so much patience to listen without judging . I felt very peaceful and light after attending a workshop on Angel reading . She is amazing person ever met. I was not at all at peace and was going thru’ troubled times ,attending this workshop changed my entire perspective towards life and problems. Thanks so much Neha. Keep doing the good work !


Healing is not new to me, I’ve always been drawn to Tarrot or reiki since an early age. But Neha is god sent. Unlike other healers, Neha focused on the root cause of the issue and went over and above to ensure it’s been removed or rectified. I had contacted her for reiki but she suggested theta after listening to why I need healing, which no other healer has ever done. And trust me, it changed my life.
I was an under confident person with a lot of insecurities, but I am a much more confident girl who believes in herself.

Post my experience I recommended her to a few friends and I’m glad they too have the same thing to say.

Thanks Neha. 🙏


Best theta healing by Neha Mam. I can never thank her enough for her healing and prayers for my father. I don’t care what doctors say… I know one thing!! With her healing skills she has saved my father from a terminal illness. May God bless you Neha with long life and same passion to help people around you. You are and will be my angel always❣️

Surabhi G

I can't describe my contentment after meeting Neha.
After my cat's death I was going through server depression. And theta healing came as a blessing in my life.
Please go for this healing as it will definitely uplift you.


I am glad that I found this center for my betterment. I could see lot of positive changes right after each healing session. Every minute spent in healing is worth it! Wholehearted thanks to Neha. Not just healing but Neha also gives insight of practical approach with has helped me to stay strong.


That was an incredibly powerful experience. It is something that gets your back to yourself. I highly encourage anyone looking to get balanced to receive this healing experience :)


Neha is a fantastic coach. She shares simples examples from her own life which lend to her session attendees feeling convinced that they can change their lives too !
Also she has such a good heart. Soft spoken, ever smiling, calm and helpful- Neha i’ll always reach out to you for refreshers !


I consulted her during bad times of my life where my all relationships were in turnoil. She listened to me carefully, and provided me with solutions that made my life peaceful.


Maam single handedly changes my life in the best and most positive way ever. Any soul suffering pls go to Neha maam ain’t kidding your problems will be gone in one session


It was a completely different experience for me. I have started working with the angels. The archangel tarot cards are so direct in their answers. Neha Ma'am is an extremely benevolent person. She is totally understanding in nature and is always willing to help someone out. Keep up the good work, Neha.


I'm really grateful to Neha from Angels Miracle, for performing a wonderful Theta healing session 2 weeks ago. Her energy is so soothing and instant that the feeling of cure can be attained instantly. Her connect with the Divine Creator is so powerful and the healing also had the required outcome.
Thank you Neha for this healing session. Praying that your Divine service spread to all who require the most.


What to say about Neha mam, she is an excellent teacher, her teachings are so good that it can change everyone's life. atleast she changed mine :) My day starts with her guidance. I have done about 3 workshops with her on Chakra, Angels therapy, crystals and much more, all of them are magical. I have learnt a lot from her and am still learning. I love her guidance and everyday I learn something new. Not only she taught me angels and crystals but also gave me confidence to move forward in life and start my own practice. thank you so much Neha mam, you are like an angel in my life.


My friend recommended her and I think she got me to the right person. Neha is a gem of a person and a very good healer. She has patience. She will listen to you and understand where the problem is, see what best can work for you and your problem then give a download. I have taken Theta healing which works like magic and I have also attended her reiki class, she is there to guide and help you become a better version. She makes complicated things simple, which is what we all require. I will recommend her always. Thank You Neha.

Arti Saxena

I highly recommend Neha's healing therapies to everyone! I went with my family for a sound healing session first as, it was deeply relaxing all of us loved it. I know that the session was way more than just relaxation, it was a reset.

She has an extremely soothing and impactful presence, we got to talking instantly and I felt a deep sense of connection, hence was very easy to open up to her. She has immense experience and is very thorough with her spiritual work.

Right after the sound sessions I felt the urge to take access bar sessions, and the best way I can define the experience is that it felt like after my session I just unloaded a heavy baggage and together we dispersed that baggage into thin air. It has been a week and I am feeling an amazing sense of lightness in my mind the mental chatter is distanced and being in the present is way more easier.

This is a big relief, I was hurting myself with overthinking and thoughts that were weighing me down and I have regained my focus which is wht I need the most at this time.
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