Healing Miracles

Hear What They’re Saying


Hemant B

My life changed upside down after receiving healing from Neha! use to have a semi negative thought pattern towards everything from my business to people and my overall approach to life, with healing sessions with Neha, she changed my perspective and thinking process about people and life in general to positive, I am more at peace with myself. I understood from Neha the secrets of manifestation and now truly confident that I can create the life I want. My deep rooted regrets, fears were removed through Theta Healing in just few sessions, I realised how much these wrong believes were weighing me down and were big hindrance in success and peace of mind. I am more content with life and getting back to confidence into things I want to do. the healing sessions have done wonders for me, which I would have not even imagined to happen in years to come. Thank you so much Neha!